HoverCameras appears on AMC's "the Pitch"

HoverCamera's work has been popping up on TV shows left, right and center this year. 

We recently appeared on the Hit Channel AMC and it's advertising industry show called "the Pitch".

Mischievious Studios Inc. on AMC's "the Pitch"

Our good friends over at Mischievious Studios Inc., "a Viral Video and Branded Content Agency", were featured on the show and had called us in to provide some amazing aerial shots to knock the socks off the audience for their Viral Video and Pitch to the successful company, Square Trade. 

We got some amazing shots that blew the audience away and impressed the client so much that they were baffled as to how Mischievious was able to get those amazing helicopter production quality shots. The answer was simple. The magic of HoverCameras. 


  You can take a look at the full AMC "the Pitch" episode below.  

We are very excited to be collaborating with more and more companies and Producers in the Entertainment Industry.