License To Operate Documentary

Screenshot 2014-02-03 19.10.57.png

This is one of our more dangerously exciting projects we have worked on. LTO is a documentary following the lives of Los Angeles ex-gangsters/criminals helping the L.A.P.D. to clean up the streets. Directed by James Lipetzky, this documentary shows depth and character in these men and women trying to "free" their neighborhoods from the oppression of gang violence and crime. 

The productions use of hovercameras' aerials helped tell the story from a different point of view, lending an "overall" picture of gang ridden parts of L.A. to give the viewer "the big picture." Which really hits home when you can see the miles of tagged railroad, or "ghetto" neighborhoods from the air. They also used our services to capture stunning "dolly" and "crane" shots that then rise high up into the air like the camera just starting floating.

Working in the heart of these areas of L.A. for this film was tough at times, the hovercamera could have been seen as a threat at times. Luckily for our safety we had LTO members there to vouch for us and put the local's minds at ease. The use of "Drones" during this production sent media into a frenzy, amazed by the potential of these machines. Here are some links to the stories that were generated: