How To Drift Your Dump Truck

This daring commercial was shot down in Kentucky with one of the largest Dump trucks in the world used for excavating large mines. After disabling some brake systems and a crazy awesome stunt driver behind the wheel this is what you get.

We shot this commercial with a Cannon 5D HoverCamera. We really tested it's low light capabilities since we were shooting in the middle of the night and it did AMAZING! 

Filming in Hazard, Kentucky seemed aptly named since this project was one of the most daring HoverCameras has had the pleasure of working on. The client was a worldwide mass data storage company that wanted to make a creative and off the wall video of one of the biggest land vehicles doing some down right crazy driving. This included a miniature obstacle course of a couple servers, a tropical fish tank, an iMac computer, and three very expensive classic cars. Click on the pictures to see some awesome aerial footage of this beast!