McFarland, USA Movie Release

We are happy to have been a part of the backbone for this project with Juanes' "Juntos" music video that features the movie! This is one of those rare inspirational pieces that opens your eyes to what it means to be a champion. While this little cow town in the central valley of California may seem unexceptional, it happens to be the home of the 24 year in a row state championship high school cross country team. This incredible feat from a small high school of 750 students is incredible in itself, paired with the fact that they have won titles in not only they're own division (division 5), they've also won titles all the way up to division 2 which is unbelievable. Kevin Costner portrays the cross country coach who finds himself creating a cross country team with no prior experience. Discover what makes a champion. Disney's "McFarland, USA" comes to theaters February 20, 2015! Click below to watch the trailer. If you would like to read more about McFarland and the music video Juntos click Here!