Drone Aerial Film and Photography

We can provide spectacular drone aerial cinematography and photography with a fraction of the budget needed using conventional means. Our HoverCameras are aerial "steadicam" systems that give stable or dynamic footage, for any project or application you can dream up. Based in Los Angeles, we travel all over the world to capture the most unbelievable aerial footage for the most creative projects. Our drones can also capture shots that you just can't get with a full-sized helicopter - and at a fraction of the cost.
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Numerous applications exist for amazing and affordable aerial footage, and new ones are being dreamed up every day. Here are some examples:


FAA Part 107 and 333 Approved:

To read more about what Part 107 means for you, visit our Legal page here.

About our Pilots

Our "Drone" operators are professionally trained with hundreds of hours of piloting time before being put in the field and held to the highest standard concerning safety. As you can see from our reels, even with safety as a #1 concern there is no limit to what we can create.



You bet! We have full coverage just in case. Peace of mind is worth every penny.


We are fully registered and licensed by the FAA!

Yes our pilots are licensed! We have our exemption and Part 107 registration by the Federal Aviation Administration. Our exemption number is #14345. This means we can legally fly for hire as long as we follow the guidelines prescribed by the FAA. Visit our Legal page here.

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